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Petrol pumps

Dear visitor of this section,
Petrol pumps .... gas pumps ..... it is one of the specialties of JUKEBOXPLEZIER.
We search the continent for wrecks of old pumps, preferably "Tokheim" and "Satam".

You can optionally order your motif if you do not find what you are looking for in the pumps that we normally have in stock;

We have globes and breastplates for your pump from Esso, Bp, Mustang, Texaco, Fire chief, Pennzoil, and many more.

You can also choose the colors yourself in case of restoration, according to your own preference.
Your pump will be sandblasted and painted in a recognized body shop, namely OPEL garage Van Den Abbeele Freddy in Gijzegem.

We also take pictures from before, during and after the painting.
This way you can show your visitors what happened to your gem during the reconstruction.

You may have a Picasso hanging in the living room, but a pump and / or jukebox, or just a sixties item will always be noticed and appreciated by your guests.

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